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Content Management Systems

There's very few of us that would say, "No" to making our web site content easier to modify and update. Because of this, we make Content Management Systems (CMS) a very important part of our design philosophy. In the old days of web site building, people would have to know scripting languages such as HTML, CSS or PHP with complex editors and FTP in order to make changes to their internet web pages. A Content Management System puts the control in the hands of even the most novice computer users.

Our systems are built from scratch with only the tools that you need for your web site. Although, we have much experience in implementing pre-built CMS packages such as Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress, we prefer the flexibility of the Django Web Framework. This system is capable of setting up clean, quick web applications from the ground up without the mess of unwanted features that other "cookie-cutter" CMS packages provide.

Below are just a few of the features we can install our Content Management Systems:

And much more...

Here are few Sample sites created with the Django CMS: